Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Qualification From PPP V.4

In the previous post I've blogged about a program which is the sibling of PayPerPost, the PPP Alpha Version 4.0. Unlike classical PPP, PPP V.4 offers a much better interface that doesn't turn you headache with a simple make up and a complete control for both advertiser and publisher. My first qualified email from PPP V.4 is actually a link where the value of the link is $2.50, not bad for a beginner but since the title and niche is pretty weird and does not related with my blog, I decided to let it pass for the moment.

Overall, what I wanted to say is that PPP V.4 is already starting to get active and you should take part as well if you can join it. I'm not sure about the requirement but at least you can try. For those who already stayed with classical PPP, just stay with them because to be honest, I do hope I can get through with classical PPP as well because they are much famous and there's a lot of advertiser's there. I don't think I'm qualified for Social Sparks for now because I'm seldom blogging right now but I do hope that I can get pass through that later. Till then!


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  2. Donation? And it has a fixed amount of $10? Hmm...