Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kenxinda - Bold & E61 Alike

I just got a message from Kenxinda about their latest mobile phone which is Bold and E61 alike. I've been in touch with Kenxinda technologies for quite a while and becoming one of their dealers online since I first get in touch with them at, one of the popular marketplace to find all sorts of goods that you can sell online or offline. Kenxinda is a gold member supplier, so its a trusty partnership to start with.

I'm not sure about the name of the models but one thing for sure, its equip with TV function, support MSN and Java, dual camera 1.3 Megapixel and TFT 2.2 inches screen. It's not a multipurpose phone as what you might be expecting from the original Bold and E61 but at least its has some sort of features and looks that quite the same. With the price of only $70 per pieces, it would be fine enough for a phone.

Talk about phone, there's an expo here in Shah Alam and the price for mobile phone is quite cheap but unfortunately there's not much of a choice. CSL, Sony Erickson and China iPhone are brands that really appeal there. To my amazement, the iPhone, even thought not original, has a good 3.5 inches touch screen with Wifi included! Impressive for a cheap phone but be aware because there are many reports about exploding China phones that saturated the Europe markets. Till then!

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