Thursday, November 19, 2009

Entrecard Promotion! 800 credits

Entrecard, founded by John Chow if I'm not mistaken has created its latest promotion scheme to promote Entrecard to more bloggers all around the world. Today I checked my email and get their newsletter, where Entrecard awards 800 credits for Entrecard members that promote others. The newly recruited Entrecard members must be active for at least two weeks. I'm expecting there might be someone going to create multiple accounts due to this offer but we'll see how Entrecard management handles them. The new member will get 200 Entrecard points.

For those who don't know what Entrecard is, its better if you head to the site and see more details for yourselves by click here. Its really helps when boosting your Adsense income (some say it kills your GA) since visitors flood to your blog and all you need to do is to create interesting topics and posts. Entrecard can be exchange with money, depends on how many advertisers you handles. Mine? Its quite worst but maybe because I'm not active so 1000/$1 is not worth a trade for money. I rather spend them on advertising with other popular blogs.

When we talked about Entrecard, bouncing rate is normal. The bouncing rate can be high because sometimes people will go to your blog just to find the Entrecard widget and move over. Therefore, its important to try and convert the visitor to loyal reader. Its not easy but worth a shot. Well, Entrecard is a good platform for bloggers not only because its promote blogs but also you can learn from other bloggers as well. Till then!

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