Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have To Choose "Not Interested", Again...

Another qualified link opportunity from PayPerPost V.4 but just like last time, I have to say not interested. Its not the amount of payment that I'm not interested but its the niche that scares me. It's kinda sad because for now, all the opportunities that I got are collide with my moral reasoning. Sexy clothes are nothing for some people but for me, I'm not willing to spend money that based on these niche.

But it still means one thing, even if you rejected the advertising opportunity, you are still considered as active and still get the opportunities running inside your email. Speaking of running program, I've haven't heard from SEO review for a while. Maybe its because I'm not active for a few weeks already, or its just that SEO has gone dead. Just like the previous Matched.co.uk that really earns me big time. Paying in Pound Sterling has never been better! But sadly, its already closed and they even forget to pay my last GBP100!

I'm still under a bit of hair wire since I'm thinking what is the best thing to sell right now. I've heard someone say that iPhone is the thing of the past. Well, I'm not sure about that because in Lelong.com.my, iPhone and iPod are still popular search there. Of course the most popular are selling cars and land but that's just too much for now. I watched the Sony Erickson latest mobile phone and its really drilling my eyeballs. Maybe I start selling that phone since its still new in Malaysia. Till then!

P/s : For latest SE, I'm selling both clones and original. Sources? Trader's secret!

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