Friday, November 13, 2009

Mailing List, I'm Late!

People from some of the forums are already making money by building as many mailing as possible and I'm so unlucky because I'm too focus on internet auction sites and forgot to establish even one mailing list. And now, I'm envy (just like what I saw in History Channel, The Seven Sin = Envy) that others get hundreds and thousands of mailing list while I have none. I think next year I should start focusing on other segment, building mailing list. Almost all internet marketers have mailing lists but I have none, that's not unique, its stupid.

The easiest way to built a mailing list is of course by offering free goodies. Lets see, I have Gigabytes worth of e-books from scraps to craps, some are valuable and others are just messing out my hard discs spaces but since its something that I gain for free (and some I bought, silly me) so I decided not to delete them. Since I'm building a mailing list, the best way is to give free PLR e-books or just create my own e-book.

The last e-book I created quite shooting, its more on a report on how I make free pound sterling every months but since the program has closed its door, so do my report. I'm not going to sell ineffective programs to my buyer since the source of money is important especially for a Muslim, whether its halal or not. I've stopped in Bidvertiser since I just knew that its a company establish from Israel. Since I boycott Israel, Bidvertiser is included as well.

Besides searching for things to be given for free, its best to find a good provider. You can find a lot of free scripts for affiliates and mailing lists collector but the best one is still the paid one. Good example we can see is Aweber. Paid mailing lists provided will ensure a smooth process when you sending mail to your list, avoid fluctuation and of course it has a good backup system. Overall, I hope by next year I'm be able to collect a few hundred mailing lists. Till then!

P/s : I specially dedicate this post to homeless blogger, try to build a mailing list first. If you really eager, I have no problem sponsoring your account!

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