Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moneybookers Terms and Conditions Update

I'm not sure whether this is from Moneybookers or not because the email address seems pretty convincing but unfortunately the email end up inside my Google Mail spam box. Since there's no scam links or what so ever that related to email scam, I decided to trust the content of the email. So, Moneybookers has changed their terms and conditions. Seriously, I do hope Paypal do the same because the current terms and conditions especially regarding resolution are so bias which eventually let me lost not only my product but also the payment that has been done by the scammed customer that get away with a dispute.

So, what's the change that has been done by Moneybookers inside their terms and conditions? Sorry to say I don't read long lines in any terms and conditions at all. There are too long that I'm gradually become frustrated over it. The first few lines already break me in piece. That still don't include legal notification inside the iPhone, very long and even have quotation regarding using the iPhone as nuclear, weapon of mass destruction, biological weapon and lots more. I don't stumbled across them but I do heard rumors about it, inside the terms and condition when you wanted to install iTunes inside your computer.

I also heard that right now Paypal can send money directly to Malaysia local banks. How true is that? Let see, since I have some serious dealings with Paypal, I eventually don't trust their judgement over things but since some of the internet marketer already showed that its possible and effective, then it means the news is correct. By the way, if you asked me, always use your debit card or simple just make some trades inside the forum. I heard its illegal, so suits yourself which one is the best. Till then!

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