Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nokia N97 Mini

Introducing Nokia N97 Mini, with all the features of N97 but been compressed, a lot thinner and of course not bulky any longer. These unique features are important as more and more mobile phones are getting smaller in each reincarnation and N97 just wanted to do the same. So, what kind of features that you can see in the new mini? I've got some scoop from Plemix and its definitely mouth watering for those who really wanted a great phone with a good price and a small scale. Since I'm an auction seller, its important for me to be updated and so do you if you love techie.

Being mini doesnt mean the product getting less features, its not how N97 mini been developed. N97 Mini is quadband, making it reliable to almost every country in the world with no worries of the signal. Displayed in 3.2 inches, with pixel up to 360 x 640. The camera resolution didn't go less, 5 Megapixel with all the flashes and video conferencing. It has all the connectivity required from 3G to Bluetooth, same features as the previous bulky N97. It has Micro SD slot with maximum capacity of 8Gb. And using Symbian as OS. The price is around $650.00!

Instead of me bragging about it, how about you check them out at Nokia center worldwide. I'm not sure wether the product has launched or not but surely its something worth waiting for! Till then!

P/s : If only I don't own an iPhone, I might already grab one of these! But hey, I still love browsing using touch screen, its much easier :D

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