Friday, December 4, 2009

6 Proposals In A Day

I'm not sure what really happens but this is the first time I got six review proposal in a day which worth a few hundred dollars in total. Thank god its really my luck I presume. Of course that's under putting consideration of a few review proposals that I need to deduct because it doesn't suit not only my niche but also my moral reasoning.

Well, what I do get from this other than a few hundreds inside my Moneybookers account is of course the program is still functioning and active. To know more about the program which is Seoblogreviews, please browse through the archives. The post located just a few thread away. One thing for sure, its worth look into it because unlike any other paid per review program, SBR don't discriminate between blogs that have page rank or not and its hassle free because all you need to do is wait for opportunities and decide whether to accept it or not.

The other reason is because I've evidence that this program pays and you only need to start make a review after you've been paid by the advertiser. Till then!

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