Monday, December 14, 2009

Auction Starts From A Penny

Have you ever come across penny auction? Other than the one in eBay and Super Bid in Lelong website, its a stand alone sites where they claimed that you can earn many things with a price extremely less than what is supposed to be on price tag. How many of you have tried them? I'm sure its very tempted especially when you saw a boy win an iPhone for as low as $12.00. Yet, think again.

Never in my mind wanted to close the doors for these people but seriously if you do the math, you can either pay for what you bid in total sum or you just extremely lucky. In penny auction, you don't start the bid with $0.01 from your real account but more on the account of the website. The website will sell their own penny to you. Imagine it as a token when you play games. For example, 10 bids in the website will cost you $10 and each bid is equal to $0.01 on the view page. So, if you find a boy win an iPhone for $12, people actually pay $120 for it (if I'm not mistaken, do the math).

Chances to win it will be one in a million. Counter clock on the item will make your adrenaline rushing through your finger, pushing you to bid because in your brain, there's a quotation "What if no one bid higher than me after this, and I win the bid?" So, because of that "What if" question, you bid and $1.00 slip through your finger every time you bid.

To make it more interesting, there's even an autobid. All you need to do is buy lots of bid in bundle and set it on any item that you wanted. So, you let the machine bid for you while you drink a cup of coffee and the next morning, you either lost the bid because someone have a lot of more bid point than you are or you win the item. What I'm trying to say here, if its too good to be true, its not true. Be wise on what you do.

One tip from me that used to play this bidding thing, don't use autobid because it will bid for you every time someone bid more than you. One more thing, don't wait for the counter clock go to zero because I bet thousands are doing the same. Till then!

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