Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make Money Online E-books Dilemma

I am a member in one of the busiest forum in Malaysia which related entirely on internet marketing and I've been there quite a while and earns my reputation there. I meet a lot of nice and sometimes ego internet marketer, some newbies and even underground people. Lately, I realize that e-books have becoming an important aspect to be an internet marketer and the one that created them are not very experience enough. Surprisingly, some of it even reach the bookstore and sadly enough, a few brief check on it and I found out that many of the information is outdated. Putting an closed business internet program as one of the ways to gain money online is simply improper and giving bad impression to e-book's market.

Due to this fact, I've been wondered. How many people that makes e-book so that they can make money? A crap for a dime. Just because a newbie spent a few months on eBay, he or she eventually started to create an e-book on how to make money using eBay when he or she earns less than a thousand buck and later the income from the e-book precede the one from eBay. Right now there's thousands of great sales letter writer that really putting money in and giving despair's out.

Search the internet and I can assure that make money online is the widest and largest and most popular titled for e-book of all time. I do hope one day potential buyers can really make a few research before just click and pay from any mini sites that you see on the internet. Not everything is a worthwhile and there's even a free content e-books available in PLR websites. I hope that there will be more non make money online related e-books been created so that we can think out of the box.

Luckily, in the forum I'm in, non make money online related e-books already make it's course. From how to become a perfect shepherd, creating farm, selling in night markets and even how to create a great soy drinks. These titles show that the new generation of non make money e-books are already giving in and I hope there will be a lot more to come. For those who writes e-book about make money online, be sure to experience it first. Don't go through the bushes and create something you don't know about. Pity the customer. Till then!

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