Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Piece Of The Bargain

A few days ago I set up a temporary blog that related to One Piece Movie 10, Strong World. This blog has no SEO optimization or any other advertising techniques that I used to gain traffic. The reason for the creation of the blog is simply to see how events can generate traffic even on a blog without a proper management and even fuzzy templates.

The result is amazing as the number of visitors increases from none to 65 people in 6 days after abandoning the site. I do put some posts there using the schedule posting so that its still updated every time until the date of launches which is 12 December 2009. Since this blog got over 500 page loads in 4 days, exclude today, I'm decided to keep track on the post by putting something such as more Youtube videos and possibly the link to the download itself.

One Piece Movie 10 had over 40 millions hits in Google and due to this experiment, I'm trying to see whether a change of description and blog name of this blog can also effect the number of visitors. I'm sure other people are taking advantage of this event for now and Google search engine might be messed up for a while due to SEO and lots of other modification by the other websites. Till then!

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