Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Piece Strong World Exploded!

Search Google and you will be stunned to find that over 44 million search is about One Piece latest movie, which almost everyone waiting for (including me) which is One Piece Strong World that will be launched in 12 December 2009 in cinema. I am so frustrated that I don't stay in Japan or US (if there's any launches there) because in Malaysia, its impossible for anime to reach movie. I'm sure that if anyone willing to take the step, One Piece will reach box office in Malaysia because almost every teenagers in this country loves One Piece, both in Anime or Manga.

Because of this too, its impossible for you to buy a domain with a key name One Piece Strong World because its already booked and owned for this particular moment. Even for free blogs such as Blogger and Wordpress, you won't get the name. I'm so envy for the website that get the first place in Google search engine for One Piece Strong World or One Piece Movie because they surely make a lot of bucks right now.

Anyway, I'm not sure whether there will be any online store that sold the original movie including subtitles because I'm surely will take this as one of my collection. This is because rumors has it that One Piece Strong World is the best movie that One Piece has ever created, the one that takes quite a lot of time and the character is so great in both personality and costumes. Imagine Monkey D. Luffy in a broad shoulder captain suit, and Usopp with the ancient Edogawa samurai outfit. Cool!

Well, you can see many videos and possibly the download link for the latest One Piece Strong World movie at this blog. Till then!

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