Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pay To Be Paid?

Pay to be paid is not a new phenomenon in the online world especially when we talked about freelancer services. I do admit there are websites that offer free membership to gain access to contract but a good one do comes with a little bit of cost. If I'm not mistaken, one of Malaysia's top internet marketer, Gobala Krishnan starts online by being a member in a freelancer website that offers works in a good rate. I'm not sure what is the address of the website because I've forgotten about it but if you're Malaysian and see jobs, there are more websites you can visit such Monsters and also Jobs Malaysia that gets over 50 000 visitors per day. That's a lot of impression.

Pay to be paid in the sense of working from home is something that I have doubt about. Not the type that offers freelancer services but the one such as data entry and surveys. I used to join Global Market and earn something from it but that's one is a free one, not a paid one. I don't really trust a paid websites that offer you to make more money from survey and data entry. Is it really true that a company wanted to hire a person to do jobs such as data entry but first you need to pay the middle man?

Well, if you really wanted to be paid online without paying it, I suggest its better to go on in a forum. For example, in Wangcyber there's a slot where you can hire people. I'm sure bigger forum such as forum warrior have slots like that. Unfortunately, some people still wanted to trap other people in these pay to be paid services by using forum as a medium. Recently I contacted a person about the job opportunity that the person offers inside the forum and its turn out to be pay to be paid service as well. Till then!

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