Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paypal Power Up Event

Paypal is holding an event in Kuala Lumpur this December, and I'm sure many Paypal users already get this email, right? I'm not sure whether its a selected invitation or not but I still don't think I can go. Well, missing this special event is something I don't want to do but because its not costly effective to me, I can't participate in. Besides, I'm sure the event will involves something that a muslim cannot do with the serving of liquor and some sorts so I better not do something I will regret. I never been in one, nor anyone ever tell anything about it so I better put that in mind.

By the way, if you also get the email, don't forget to reserve your seat because I'm sure there's hundred of thousands of Paypal users right here in Malaysia. I also not sure whether its a paid event or not but one thing for sure, they give goodies at the entrance. Nice. Maybe stationary or free Paypal funds? Most likely its just souvenir.
Speaking of goodies, I went to Lowyat last few days and went to the gaming booth where you can win goodies just by completing a course in less than 1 minutes. Its a Need For Speed Shift challenge where there's a four laps course and you're driving a modified Maserati. Controlling with steering wheel and pedals are harder than I thought! The steering wheel is from Logitech and its attached to LG's LCD TV and jointed with Sony Playstation 3. I lose the game and its quite frustrating because the goody bag is very cool (Razer's carving in a black background) and the item inside is a thumb drive. Till then!


  1. Please let me know if you have attended. I didn't make it and I also were a bit suspicious about the whole event cause there was no media covering and no phone number to call and not much info about the event if it's free or what!

  2. To be honest with you, I'm definitely not going to attend it. So, better luck with other people. I think its nothing than just social gathering, thats all.