Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trying GFD With Dot Info

Google adsense, one of the bloggers most precious application that allow websites, web blogs, forum and feeds to earn online income via clicks, content, search or impression. GFD (Google for Domain) is nothing new, as far as I concern, the thread about it already exist for at least two years before in forums and blogs. Unfortunate for me, at that time I'm busy using other program as online income channels and now I just realize how I should change the way I think about GA.

Sadly enough, I'm sure I'm just a few of websites and web blog developers and webmasters that do not earn much from GA. To be honest, there are lots of e-books on how to gain profit from GA, and frankly speaking the first e-book I bought was about GA income and yet I failed to fulfilled the minimum amount of $100. That's why I abandon GA for so long. Others going on with seminars but I decided not to join because I have no faith in it any longer.

Since last week, I heard whispers saying that GFD is much easier to generate income because its solely depends on the impression of the website so I decided to give another go. So, in the experiment, I had bought a few dot info domain and see how it goes. Dot info domains are on sale so I can buy them in a bundle. Right now I wanted to see the effectiveness of GFD. If its doesn't pursue well with the idea of slow but steady income, I guess its a failed project. Till then!

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