Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whoa! Willow!!

Whoa! Willow!! is a musical performance that will be held in Auditorium DBKL on 8th, 9th and 10th January 2010. The play will be performed by ETHOS students from UiTM with collaboration from other faculty as well. The play is for charity all in total, where as the students will not be taken any profit from it. All the profits from the selling of tickets will be channeled to Tasputra PERKIM to be used by unfortunate people that need helps especially financial aid. So, what's the play is all about?

Well, I can't say too many about it because its might spoil the mood of the audience later because its already revealed but one thing for sure, there will be time travel, war for love, and also cute and adorable casts if you asked me. There's two characters named sugar and spice, both under different personality and appearance too. There even masses of other things to see and feel. One thing for sure, its fun and entertaining and yet it gives meaningful things along the way.

So, where's my part in the play? I'm one of the volunteered crew member for the props. The props team already started the construction of the props which involves from painting, nailing, welding and a little bit of playing with the air compressor. I also meddling with wires, extremely heavy cables, lights and pole for the press conference that was held yesterday. There's a few shots that I can share with you. Before I forgot, all the members including the casts and the crews are volunteers so its really for charity, not like some people that take advantage with the word charity to make money.

Last but not least, in the name of charity, no matter what is your religion even if you have none, do come and watch the play. I'm sure good deed will never harm anyone. For more info, you can see the unofficial (or official, I don't know) Whoa! Willow! blog at and for tickets, do visit

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