Monday, March 15, 2010

After A While...

It's a short semester and I'm definitely have a lot of works, assignments, presentations etc that needed to be done. Due to that, this blog is really in a mess or in Malay language, we call it as "bersawang". Three months without any posts or monitor really crank this blog up. I don't even have time to see any reviews proposal from Sponsoredreviews, Linkworth, PayPerPost for both classic and alpha, Socialsparks and SEO Blog Review. My guessing is that most of it already expired, tough luck. Anyway, I rather losing all that rather than losing my degree in TESL.

Since it's a short semester, it also means that my holiday is near. Any project during the holiday? Well, I don't really thought of one right now but I do think about selling things online just like what I did before. My friend used to sell 2nd hand guitar especially Tanglewood and he's really making money along the process. The only things that you need are good communication, nice pictures and honest review. Buyer appreciates honest seller. About the items I'm going to sell, that's still under research.

I heard about the incoming of a new generation iPhone which is iPhone 4G that will be in store around the middle of this year. How true is that, I might not sure myself. One thing for sure, the screen will be a lot wider, 8 Megapixel camera, it might have frontal camera for video call and I'm sure it's gonna be hot on the market at least for a year. This news can be interpret in a few points. The first one is that I can sell new phenomenon phone, the price of other iPhones will be a lot cheaper and the last point is that there will be a lot of iPhone will be on sale and auction.

So, what's my plan? I'm going to tell you once I'm on it. Till then. BTW, for chat slot spammers, please don't spam things that are not suitable with this blogs such as you know what (cannot directly saying it to avoid Google banned in search engine and Adsense)

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