Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tough Luck...

Just my luck...due to my ignorance of opening my email address, I forgot to look at the review proposal for my two blogs, 11 of them and lastly having a work worth MYR300 just going on the drain...tough luck. This is sooo not suppose to happens. Well, I'm a bit sober because it's involved not only money but also reputation. As you should know, review companies will give a bad mark on you if you ignored a proposal and I'm sure I'm in a bad marker because I've ignored not one, but ELEVEN review proposals! Haih...

By the way, I would like to ask you. Is my English really that bad? I have one English lecturer, a native speaker that said to me that my language has no soul. He said that it's proper, but has no soul. He also said that native don't make lengthy words or wordiness, he said the best way to make an essay is to make it short but presentable as if each word will cost you a dollar. He also said that only non native speaker that addicted to use other than simple tense. Well, it's sound quite right in some sense but since I'm stuck in the echo chamber ( a term he said which means living in a surrounding that accepts mistake and assimilate it as if it is correct.)

The best part is my essay regarding Animal Farm is awarded with C because it's too complex while a friend of mine that using language as basic as a first grader get a flabbergasted B. Tough luck indeed in this semester...till then.

P/s: I've sent apology emails to all reviews companies and hoping that they lift the bad mark on my sites...


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