Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Is Doing Media War, Don't Be Fooled With Their Propaganda

Its not a good day for me, It should not be a good for the world, It really should not be a good day for UN, EU, ASIAN, OIC and other organizations that should stand for what is right and not ignoring the fate of the people of Palestine.

Recent updates rings the internet as all the Freedom Flotilla ships that carry humantarian supplies been jacked by Israeli commandos on the international sea. This is a video from WitnessGaza.

These ships only carries cements and construction materials for buildings, diy houses, foods, shelters, stationaries for kids and many goods that should not be considered as weapons. I don't know if Israel thinks that "apple" or "school ruler" or "a bottle of mineral water" are weapons. Al-Jazeera has shown the inside of the Freedom Flotilla ships and checks had been taken from Antalya ports. Official lists of items has been given to Israel. But Israel still attack the ship.

I remember a news saying that Israel will port the ship at Ashdod port and distribute the humantarian aids later after the inspection has been done. Wow, now take a look what happened. They don't send the ships to Ashdod but put them in Haifa, away from media and journalists. Why? Are they afraid that the media will see what they've done with the aids? Israel used to test chemical weapons on Palestine, I think they would like to test new weapons on the food.

Commandos, fully armed, decending from helicopters in operation Sky Winds. Live cameras installed by IHH showing that the commandos used weapons the minute they reached the ships and start shoot randomly (I think with pleasure) to all the activists which makes a total 15 killed and 60 severely wounded. The IDF said that all that on board the ships are millitant and not peace activist. Think I'm bluffing? Take a look at news from Arutz Sheva and Jerusalem Post (JP)

They say

Militants Aboard Flotilla Open Fire on IDF Soldiers

He said live ammunition was used by both sides.

This people wants to blind the world of what they have done. They have taken all the aids along with the international pro-palestinians to the horror slaugther prison located at the south of Israel, the Ashdod concentration camps.

I wonder what will people of these nations do. Will they silents? What about US prime minister? Britian prime minister? The EU? Asian? What about the Islamic Country? Shame on Egypt cooperating with Israel to suffer their own brothers and sisters. Maybe some of you don't know that there are more that the number of Christians in Palestine is nearly as much as the Muslim. And hey, US still funds Israel for killing their own brothers and sisters.

So, I don't urge anyone to fall for anything. Read and enlighten your minds. See the truth. The truth only came for those who seek for it. Till then!

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