Sunday, May 9, 2010

Young Adult Loves To Waste Money

Its been a while since my last posts, the examination really putting all my thoughts and matters on it. So, I started my new post regarding young adult. I'm a young adult, just passed the teenagers stage and almost on the working stage. So, today's Utusan newspapers in the front page saying that young adult loves to waste money or in Malay terms, its "membazir". Well, this is not a new quotation because I do know that young adult loves to waste money and full of debt. Why?

Its simply because all the sudden you are able to have whatever you wants that you could not get when you're a teenagers. Car, fancy mobile phones (now its smart phones phenomenon), branded cloths and many more. Even though you just start working with the initial salary below RM2000 or even below RM1000, you wanted all of that and willing to make debts whether legally such as via bank where you can make personal loan or by illegal way such as from loan shark which you might end up been caught, hit, smash, red paint all over your house and car, blackmail or something worse than that. I'm exaggerating this so that I can convey the idea that loan shark is not an option.

Due to this, many of the young adults face bankcrupcy. I'm not sure where I read articles about this but I'm sure that there's a statement saying that many of young adults face bankcrupcy under the age of 25. That is a lot of people that going bankcrupt. No wonder the notice and legal pages in the newspapers always full of court order regarding bankcrupcy, unpaid loan or even unpaid "nafkah". In Islam, nafkah means payment for the wife and kids that must be fullfilled by a husband.

Sometimes, MLM'er (people that doing MLM) waste money as well. They bought very expensive cars (most of them are second hand cars because many banks dont approve MLM'er loans) and buy expensive cloths even thought they just made a couple of thousands per month or week. MLM is not on going business. Stop searching for people and your income will stop as well. That's why banks don't approve such business. These people will end up covering their expensive cars with blanket and store it at home once they found out that they could not afford to pay for it any longer.

So, as a young adult, I advice would like to advice us (me and you) not to be overspending and only spend what you can afford. If you love something, budget to afford. If you have budget and still can't afford it, its not yours. For example, you have budget a lot and still cannot buy a Ferrari. It means the Ferrari is not yours for the taking. For muslim, remember that our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w had said that "mumbaziru ikhwanush shayatin" meaning that someone that wasting things is shaitan's friend. Correct me if I'm wrong. Till then :)

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